It is advised to bring a flashlight to dark areas to avoid contact with a Smiler.


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“Smilers” are hostile entities, recognizable by their horrifying bright gleaming eyes and teeth.

The sole silhouette-like humanoid entity of Level 974: Kitty's House.

. . The Smiler can be found on Level 0.

It's immobile, since it doesn't have legs and it only appears in dark areas, remaining in one place.

. . This Backrooms reading covers entity 3 "The Smiler", an entity with a smile on its face that resides in dark areas of levels 2 and 3 of the Backrooms.

Cheshire345. Description.

Their skin color varies from yellow, red,.


These entities only appear in dark corners or doorways, where the rest. .

They have a big glowing white neon smile, same for the eyes as well, this makes them very noticeable in darker areas. Smilers are an entity that is found inside of the Backrooms.

Extinct: The entity has been wiped out.



. Smiler (The Backrooms) Created by Mark_Blume. .

These entities only appear in dark corners or doorways, where the rest of their form is not visible. . Before that, the group known as The Lost dating back to 1998 had descriptions of what they called "The Ones That Smile", a demonic entity that eats whoever isn’t calm and peaceful. . .

They have the appearance of a crude, white glowing smiley face.

. They have no other functional features, with the exception of a cartoonish smile drawn onto their “face” with a substance resembling human blood.

The entities that chase you and hunt you down are lore-accurate and accepted by the community.

At the very most, players.