It may also result in a damaged alternator, power steering pump, or a failed transmission if you are unlucky.

The balance shaft belt is located behind the timing cover and cannot be inspected unless you remove the cover, which requires significant teardown.

Initial symptom of impending failure was an intermittent knocking sound on cold-start. Very expensive repair as it requires removing the engine.

When this component fails, it can cause a range of issues.

If the rubber layer in the harmonic balancer dries or wears.

after about 500 miles since repair i'm receiving a low oil pressure light every 200-400 miles and it usually only beeps once under 2k rprms. Two weeks ago my key cylinder broke (a $1200 fix with one new remote fob key), and two days ago the balance shaft bearing went bad. .

Oct 6, 2009 · class=" fc-falcon">05 V8 balance shaft bearing failed.

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Inoperative engine accessories. .

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Apr 29, 2015 · class=" fc-falcon">Cam follower failure is absolutely the number one cause of oil pressure issues, balance shaft failures.

. I have a HAYNES repair manual 2002-2006.

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If your car makes a rumbling or whirring noise when traveling faster than 20 mph, worn carrier bearings could be the culprit.

The first symptom will be an illuminated MIL with DTCs 1200 and/or 1208 stored (or if read with a generic OBDII scanner, P0017 and/or P0016).


0 TDi models. Send your emails to dom@flametv. The balance shaft gears have 2 marks on each gear and they are not identical and I need to know were they need to be positioned in relation to each gear and the crank shaft position.

B9vfTtAcB4zA-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on markdouglasmotorworks. The only con of the deleted balance shafts is some increased vibration in the cabin and throughout the car. "Noises" are not in and of themselves symptoms of balance shaft failure. First Gear. So lets understand a bit more about the issue. and the symptoms you mention sound similar to what i experienced.


. Apply a light coat of engine oil under the heads of the balanceshaft housing bolts.

The balance shaft may be gear-, chain-, or belt-driven; If equipped, the balance shaft belt should be replaced whenever the timing belt is replaced.


When this component fails, it can cause a range of issues.


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